about us Joe Ng W.H.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong where a city with both unique cultures combined. In pursuing my passions on both arts in painting, I went back to Hong Kong after my graduation from LaSalle College, Montreal, Canada 1993. Pursuant to my career in the field of arts. In the next year, I was being employed by the decorative company for buildings and architects as a junior interior designer.

In my concept of arts brending, I had endeavored to pursure multi-diciplinary arts study and also by the influence of mentors and supervisors in 2010. Since then, I had been foundamentally inspired.

With profound knowledge in decorative products and unique sense of art, I have created my own artworks of Water Ink painting in 2011. Using the very product to express my visions and my love for the planet earth.

For the help of environmental protection, I am also a keen contributor and have been donating 20% of the artworks sales to TNC(The Nature Conservancy) to help fighting environment issues world wide.

With all the passions and meanings within my artworks, they have been granted me so much energy to move forward and becoming my ultimate source of creativity.